Thanks for wanting to be a part of one of the best nightlife experiences here in the Singapore. Here at Singapore Pub Crawl, we put customer service above all else. We are sure you have plenty of questions regarding our events, but you'll be pleased to know that we have answered the most common ones below. From party maps to ticket pickups and drink specials, everything you need to know about our great pub crawls is listed below. If that doesn't answer your question, please contact us and we'll be sure to assist you.

1. What is the Singapore Pub Crawl?
The Singapore Pub Crawl brings you to 4 bars and 1 club in one night. It is designed to make it easy to meet new people and make new friends. It is a great way to experience some of the best venues that Singapore's nightlife has to offer.

2. How do I join or become a member of the Singapore Pub Crawl?
Simply buy your tickets online and just come to the registration venue on time. We usually meet at the Fat Pigeon Statue at 7.30pm.

3. How many participants does the pub crawl usually have?
Group size varies between 20-100 people. It is undetermined because every crawl is different.

4. Do I have to be 18 years old to be allowed to join?
Yes, you have to be 18 and above to join the pub crawl.

5. Am I too old for this tour?
Age is only in our minds. We have people of all ages and from all walks of life joining us. It's usually those who consider themselves to be "too old" that enjoy it the most since they are taken out of their routine lives and appreciate meaningful conversations with strangers of all ages and nationalities.

6. Is it safe to join the PubCrawl?
Of course! You will be guided by the amazing crew of Awesome whose members are very familiar with Singapore. As a traveler, you can also get tips from them about the nightlife and things to do while in the area. As a local, you will be able to rediscover Singapore nightlife has to offer.

7. Is it free on my birthday??
Yes, it is free. As long as you come on your Birthday, not the day before or after. Please, bring any sort of an ID to prove it!

8. Will there be drink specials at each bar and club?
Yes. In addition to the free shot at each bar, you will receive exclusive drink specials. In most cases, the drinks are 50% off regular price!

9. What do I get?

  • Free welcome shots at each bar.
  • Exclusive drink discounts and promotions for pub crawlers only.
  • Free Club Entry

10. What makes Singapore Pub Crawl different from other similar events?
The Singapore Pub Crawl is the FIRST, the ORIGINAL and the BIGGEST pub crawl in Singapore. It is a party in which the main goal is to turn strangers into friends while enjoying the nightlife the country has to offer. It is especially perfect for travelers who do not know where to go on a random night and for locals who want to experience Singapore in a new way. It is also very affordable, and discounts are given at particular schedules.

11. What if I get totally wasted that night?
Our Crawl Leaders will take care of you! But, as in any party, we hope that you will drink moderately and responsibly.

12. Can l stay at a particular bars or clubs and continue on the route?
Yes of course! If you are having so much fun and you plan on staying at a certain location, please ensure that you inform a Singapore Pub Crawl crew member.

13. If cannot make the 7:30pm start. Can I still join?
Yes. If you book in advance, please contact us and let us know that you will be late. We will give you the contact information, route and meeting time where you can join us.
Please NOTE: By arriving late you may miss out on some free shots and/or give-aways.

14. How can I reach Singapore Pub Crawl?
You can reach us via info@singaporepubcrawl.com.sg or our Facebook fanpage. You can also call or text us at +65 96405611.