Never been comfortable meeting new people? Well no need to fret... Morgan's here! Meeting new people is what a pub crawl is all about... and drinks of course... lots of drinks. Leave it to Morgan to break the ice and get the party STARTED! Equally comfortable leading smaller intimate groups and bigger party buses, Morgan's got an Ace up his sleeve to keep the party up all night long. The man with the plan, a fun night's never in doubt when he's around. Just when you think that things can't get any better out he pops with a tray full of shots!


The other half of the dynamic MasterCrawling duo... the irrepressible V-Man. You never quite know what's up and about when V-Man's around. With the power to bring a party from dull to explosive in 5 seconds, keep your eyes on him or you'll never quite know how Awesome just happened! Able to swing from bar to bar faster than a slow flying bullet, leap around a fat pigeon in 27 bounds and knock back drink after drink after shot... it's V-Man!

Lynn Ramlee

Crazy. Fun. Loud... wait a minute, no-make that Very Loud. You can never miss our senior crawl leader and mother of the pack - Lynn Ramlee, takes you through the excitement and mayhem you never knew existed.


Started out as the resident paparazzi and has moved up the ranks to become a Crawl Leader. Ash always has the element of fun and surprise up his sleeve. Always ready to party and have a good time, you cannot miss him and his props. The party always begins when this party starter hits his groove.


Don't let the pretty smile fool you. This Papua New Guinean loves her shots, takes her "Waterfall" like water and can booty her way through the dance floor.


Constance is our favourite French girl and she's the friendliest person you can ever meet. She is out-going, sociable and yes she loves her drinks. She started out as a devoted pub crawl fan and is now part of the amazing crew.


Shalabh's ever-thirsty quest of finding a good party and his ethic of partying hard has earned the wow of many. He never fails to have a great night out and his enthusiasm to find that holy grail of a party is contagious. Shalabh is fluent in French and yes the French do love him back!


Behind this innocent boyish looks is a party animal waiting to be unleashed. Asar is your friendly, down to earth crawl leader who takes it upon him to make sure you have a jolly good time.


Vanan rarely wants to be in the spotlight as he prefers working in the background, watching the great scheme of things unfold. It takes time for him to get crazy with people as he takes time observing. However, once he is in his groove, you better watch out!


We all want to remember a great night and the man who helps us do that is Bira. He is resident paparazzi of the Singapore Pub Crawl and he prowls around the party to take snaps of you partying away. Always willing to help take a picture, so make sure you get one with him as well.


Here's our other resident paparazzi -The well-travelled Allen joined the crew early this year and he goes on capturing shots with zest. Never put your guard down when he is around.